Mentoring and Coaching for Creative Change

Creative Expression

Where is your life leading you?

Consider this. You are standing at the threshold of another beginning.  Or perhaps it’s midway at a crossroads. Something deep within you calls you to make a leap; open your heart; unravel the twisted knot in your stomach; re-vision your life.

What won’t leave you alone?

What if you were to listen to what is calling you: a subtle feeling—physical or emotional—a sense of discontent? Perhaps the call has urgency or feels like a yearning. The question is, how will you hear it?  This voice is the source of your personal vision, your power.

What do you really desireno holds barred? 

How will you bring desire to the surface of your consciousness? Out from the depths of your psyche? The way I see it, you are fully able to access the answers that come from deep inside. What you could well use is a companion to guide you into the mystery of the call that beckons you, that would reveal your deepest desires and the authentic truths that could blossom into a new sense of direction.


Creative engagement is a process that will guide you to your psyche’s intention. I invite you to go inside to that place where expressing yourself lives – in images, songs, poems, and dreams. This is how you will find your way to a different relationship with yourself, to a conversation between the one you consider yourself to be and a deepened, authentic self that more you than you have previously known.  and to imagine your way to the future.

Finally, the kindling of desire pulls you toward what might be sensed as your Destiny. An inner assurance grows alongside what used to be inhibiting self-doubt. You are now tuning your consciousness, your inner ear, listening to the call and imagining your path into the future. My suggestion is to follow your creative impulse. 

I offer to serve as a companion for this journey.  While I hold a doctorate in psychology, I believe my work as a creative change agent – and as a highly skilled guide – augments my previous academic achievements and even my training in Jungian psychology. My process is to support you in moving from life on the surface into immersion in the creative wellspring of your psyche. The first steps arise from engaging faith, trust, and courage. These virtues support you in uncovering the  wisdom and power of the imagination. Creative expression is essential. Not one of us is without this extraordinary capacity that has only to be tended, heeded, and appreciated for its potent gifts. The imagination moves us in unexpected ways towards the fullness of our authentic personal power and the deepest truths of our being.

“You must not for one instant give up the effort to build new lives for yourselves. Creativity means to push open the heavy, groaning doorway to life.”

Daisaku Ikeda (Japanese peace activist and leader of Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai International)

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