Mentoring and Coaching for Creative Change

Shira is an international speaker and educator on creative growth and expression.

She has given talks and conducted workshops in Sweden, Greece, Israel, and locally in The San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

Recent appearances and workshops:

2018.  JUNE Santa Cruz, CA.  Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society.  Presented a workshop with Annie Danberg on “Fostering Authentic Intimacy Through Mixed Media Journaling and Group Process”

2018.  AUGUST Malmö, Sweden. International Association for Group Psychotherapy.  Led a workshop titled: “Out of Exile: Integrating Dysregulated Affect Through Mixed-Media Journaling and Self Reflection.” Co-leader: “Social Dreaming Matrix for Clinicians.”

2019. FEBRUARY AGPA – Los Angeles, CA American Group Psychotherapy Association. Shira spoke on: “Fostering Authentic Intimacy Through Mixed Media Journaling and Group Process.” Shira was also a participant in a panel called: “Stories We Carry: Exploring the Impact of Trauma and Loss on the Clinician and on the Group.”

2019 JUNE. Thessaloniki, Greece. Social Dreaming.
Israel June IARPP (International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy).

2019 JUNE Tel Aviv, Israel. Shira will participate in a panel titled: “The Way We Tell A Story, Truth, Fiction Or Maybe Both.” She will also present a paper called: “Fostering Relational Intimacy Through Creative Engagement And Group Process: The Arts-based Process Method.” Co-authored with Annie Danberg, LMFT.

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