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Manifesting Your Vision

You’re ready to manifest your vision, to achieve your goals, and to deeply connect to your wholeness. And for many of you it’s time to tap into an authentic leadership that’s warm and true.


As a coach and mentor, I help you generate authentic personal growth in your life and work.

Let’s say you’re looking for authentic, strategic, and useful support and guidance through a challenging life or work situation, or you’re simply ready to move in a new direction. Let’s say your work has lost its luster. The image you’ve had of your life no longer reflects your needs and desires. Perhaps you want to deepen a relationship or to move from striving to thriving.

As your coach and mentor, I can meet you here, at this crossroads.

I will help you ready yourself for change and growth. We would begin with everything that’s positive, constructive, and working for you, your job, and love life.  We’ll explore your sense of self. as you see the patterns that may be holding you back. But really, the idea is to dream forward and explore your possibilities, unearth your potentials, and solve practical problems.

This work is quite different from psychotherapy.

We will spend more time looking forward than delving into your past. Just how will you handle a tricky situation or negotiation? What’s going on at home that’s leaving you feeling undernourished. Is your personal sense of leadership your growing edge?  How can you truly become an agent of change?


The connection to your own depths.

Your true self is always there despite your connection to her being weakened or broken. The wholeness. Are you dreaming ideas and organizations forward? How can you truly become an agent of change?  We’ll tap into your dreams, fantasies, and imagination to find answers, ideas, and doorways that you haven’t been able to access through your conscious mind. The work is deep, profound, and powerful. It is woven into problem-solving that is also strategic, practical, and tactical. While I am serving you as a coach and guide, you will be at the wheel and bringing your own sense of yourself – whether revealed to you or not – to the process.


“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.”

—C.G. Jung

Depth Psychology

Your creative instinct: the underlying focus of our work together.

Your creative instinct and its impulse are the focus of our work together. My experience with depth-oriented psychology uniquely qualifies me to work with you on deep psychological issues.

This background allows me to serve as a companion to you on an inward journey into your psyche’s intention for your life. Together, we can awaken you to the mystery of your true self, the you that feels settled in authenticity. From there, your psyche leads organically to a life that honors the truth of your being and naturally directs you toward living fully in the ways that fulfill your inner intention. While there’s no changing the past, it’s still not too late to live a happy childhood! In the course of attending to your present inner world, childhood and other past issues clarify and dissolve.

Working together to center on your strengths.

In the present, you and I can work together to uncover meaning in your life right now by centering on the core wholeness that is your strength. Your primary task is to forge a stronger ongoing connection to it. I will accompany you as you wend your way into a future that has been waiting for you.

Whatever may obstruct your way becomes not a problem to solve but a mystery to be lived. Your psyche will guide you to transit these passages. By engaging with your psychological experience and a variety of creative processes, complementary approaches, and techniques. You and I will unearth behavior patterns or negative perceptions that likely are holding you back from creating the fulfilling and meaningful life you desire. Your psyche actually knows what this is!

My work arises from the genius of Carl Jung.

He was a far-seeing Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who emerged during the Victorian era. His brilliance has led us to understand that powerful forces exist within the psyche. He identified them as archetypes, and they not only affect you, but all of humanity, as well. Jung proposed that archetypes, or universal themes, generate and shape our perspectives, emotions, and behavior. They influence events both positively and negatively, while they offer us treasures, in terms of deep meaning and clues to life’s purpose and unfolding.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to Russell Lockhart, PhD, my longtime colleague, friend, and mentor. As a Jungian analyst, writer, editor, and publisher, he has guided me along every pathway in my work.

Dreamscape Workshops

Shira Will Help You Connect With Your Creative Instinct

Most people are unaware that they have a creative instinct.  It’s biological.

Creative instinct has an electrical impulse like a neuron. It pushes you toward your desire to creative expression so that once you put your pencil to the page you’re off and running. The more you explore your creative instinct, the more you learn to trust it, and the more creative you become. 


Self-knowledge is the wellspring of creativity.

We are born as creative beings. Creativity is a biological instinct. The creative impulse arises from it; its primary resource is imagination. The capacity of the imagination takes many forms.

While childhood is often rich with paints, crayons, music, dance, and stories, it is just as rich with dirt, mud, bugs, twigs, leaves, and water. How many of us dug into the backyard, whether to China to or to build a fort for our pill bugs.

“The creative process is like freedom. Once you have tasted it, you cannot do without it. it is a transformative force, enhancing self-esteem and self-empowerment.”

— Natalie Rogers

Everything in our animal instinct is trying to support our Creative Expression. 

If you have a deep relationship, a really deep relationship to your inner world—your psyche, your soul—you have the greatest and most powerful engine to discover the truth of who you really are, and to live your fullest most meaningful life and most successful life from being guided by that source.  This is when you are being guided by the creative instinct you were born with.

Re-visioning  your life.

What role does creativity play, as you open to your most authentic self? With creativity in play, your quality and strength of being—your inner authority—begins to emerge. It is connected to creativity, at its deepest source. This touchstone of your potent, authentic, personal self-resides within you, connected to your deepest, psychological nature.

The flame of your creative impulse is eternal.

Imagination is an activity—a process of giving form to the creative impulse. You have only to turn toward it for it to become visible in its glory. When you face inner or outer challenges, when you feel self-doubt, indecision, and the anxiety and depression that haunts all of us at times, you can summon this deepest part of your psyche to come to your aid.

Allow Shira to lead you through creative change by joining a group workshop.

Groups and workshops provide an opportunity to immerse in your imagination.  We come together in a safe space to explore new pathways into and through the deep psyche. The individuals in the group engage through mixed media visual journaling, sharing and discussing their images, and reflecting on what arises. 


Work with Shira one-on-one.

I will help you ready yourself for change and growth. We would begin with everything that’s positive, constructive, and working for you, your job, and love life.  We’ll explore your sense of self. as you see the patterns that may be holding you back. But really, the idea is to dream forward and explore your possibilities, unearth your potentials, and solve practical problems.


Work With Shira Marin, PhD

Enroll in one of Shira’s group workshops and start experiencing positive shifts in your life. All groups and workshops support and encourage diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice for all, always!


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