Mentoring and Coaching for Creative Change

Generating Authentic Personal Growth
in Your Life and Work.

Let’s say you’re looking for authentic, strategic, and useful support and guidance through a challenging life or work situation, or you’re simply ready to move in a new direction. Let’s say your work has lost its luster. The image you’ve had of your life no longer reflects your needs and desires. Perhaps you want to deepen a relationship or to move from striving to thriving.

You’re ready to manifest your vision, to achieve your goals, and to deeply connect to your wholeness. And for many of you it’s time to tap into an authentic leadership that’s warm and true.

I can meet you here, at this crossroads.  I will help you ready yourself for change and growth. We would begin with everything that’s positive, constructive, and working for you, your job, and love life.  We’ll explore your sense of self. as you see the patterns that may be holding you back. But really, the idea is to dream forward and explore your possibilities, unearth your potentials, and solve practical problems.

This work is quite different from psychotherapy.  We will spend more time looking forward than delving into your past. Just how will you handle a tricky situation or negotiation? What’s going on at home that’s leaving you feeling under-nourished. Is your personal sense of leadership your growing edge?  How can you truly become an agent of change?

The connection to your own depths can be weakened or broken, but the Self is always there. The wholeness. Are you dreaming ideas and organizations forward? How can you truly become an agent of change?  We’ll tap into your dreams, fantasies, and imagination to find answers, ideas and doorways that you haven’t been able to access through your conscious mind. The work is deep, profound, and powerful. It is woven into problem-solving  that is also strategic, practical, and tactical. While I am serving you as a coach and guide, you will be at the wheel and bringing your own sense of yourself – whether revealed to you or not – to the process.

“What lies behind  us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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