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Depth Psychology.

The Underlying Focus of Our Work Together. 

My experience as a depth-oriented psychotherapist uniquely qualifies me to work with you on deep psychological issues. This background allows me to serve as a companion to you on an inward journey into your psyche’s intention for your life.  Together, we can awaken you to the mystery of your true Self, the you that feels settled in authenticity. From there, your psyche leads organically to a life that honors the truth of your being and naturally directs you toward living fully in the ways that fulfill your inner intention. While there’s no changing the past, it’s still not too late to live a happy childhood! In the course of attending to your present inner world, childhood and other past issues clarify and dissolve.

In the present, you and I can work together to uncover meaning in your life right now by centering on the core wholeness that is your strength. Your primary task is to forge a stronger ongoing connection to it. I will accompany you as you wend your way into a future that has been waiting for you

Whatever may obstruct your way becomes not a problem to solve but a mystery to be lived. Your psyche will guide you to transit these passages. By engaging with your psychological experience and a variety of creative processes, complementary approaches, and techniques. You and I will unearth behavior patterns or negative perceptions that likely are holding you back from creating the fulfilling and meaningful life you desire. Your psyche actually knows what this is!

My work arises from the genius of Carl Jung. He was a far-seeing Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who emerged during the Victorian era. His brilliance has led us to understand that powerful forces exist within the psyche. He identified them as archetypes, and they not only affect you, but all of humanity, as well. Jung proposed that archetypes, or universal themes, generate and shape our perspectives, emotions, and behavior. They influence events both positively and negatively, while they offer us treasures, in terms of deep meaning and clues to life’s purpose and unfolding. 

I also owe a debt of gratitude to Russell Lockhart, PhD, my longtime colleague, friend, and mentor. As a Jungian analyst, writer, editor, and publisher, he has guided me along every pathway in my work. 

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.”

C.G. Jung

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