Mentoring and Coaching for Creative Change

Self-Knowledge and the Wellsprings of Creativity

We are born as creative beings. Creativity is a biological instinct; the creative impulse arises from it; its primary resource is imagination. The capacity of the imagination take many forms. While childhood is often rich with paints, crayons, music, dance, and stories, it is just as rich with dirt, mud, bugs, twigs, leaves, and water. How many of us dug into the backyard, whether to China to or to build a fort for our pill bugs. 


There comes a time when children are required to get “serious.”  Creative potential and expression don’t have a checkbox on report cards. And even more sadly, we grow up in modern, overly masculinized cultures designed to grind away or commodify, and in one way or another, standardize the human experience, draining our creativity beginning with kindergarten. Imagine what this means for your inner world, your sense of self, the deep knowledge that lets you see who you are. 

Toddlers bravely explore their new worlds with a sense of curiosity and play until their environment prematurely requires them to “get with the program.” At 5 years of age, rather than exploring further self-expression ––coming more into being and becoming more visible to themselves and to others –– coloring in someone else’s idea, and inside the lines at that, garners the little one full marks for essentially erasing her burgeoning creative self.

As an adult, and as a whole human being, you will find that creativity is your most powerful ally. At some point, and for many reasons, the desire begins to arise to live more deeply, fearlessly, and fruitfully. Your imagination, your intuition, your dreams, drawings, poems, songs are the gateways to fully uncovering and exploring what is your most authentic self.

The work I do is nested here. I encourage your creativity and work with you to ground it in your psyche. This is where you can safely deepen self-knowledge, unravelling the patterns that drive and harden your behaviors.  Being disconnected from our deepest source is what brings the suffering of self-doubt, unbridled fear, and the breakdown of our emotional and physical wellbeing. When your imagination finds fertile ground in your psyche, you will have an inexhaustible resource on the path to abiding transformation.

Re-Visioning Your Life.

What role does creativity play, as you open to your most authentic self?  With creativity in play, your quality and strength of being – your inner authority – begins to emerge. It is connected to creativity, at its deepest source. This touchstone of your potent, authentic, personal self resides within you, connected to your deepest, psychological nature.

The flame of your creative impulse is eternal. Imagination is an activity/process of giving form to the creative impulse. You have only to turn toward it.  For it to become visible in its glory. When you face inner or outer challenges, when you feel self-doubt, indecision, and the anxiety and depression that haunts all of us at times, you can summon this deepest part of your psyche to come to your aid.

From this time forward, you will never be without it.

“Conditions for creativity are to be puzzled; to concentrate: to accept conflict and tension; to be born everyday; to feel a sense of self.”

Erich Fromm (German born American Social Philosopher and Psychoanalyst. 1900 to 1980)

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