Groups & Workshops


Why Participate in a Creative Group or Workshop?

At times, arts-process creative group therapy and visual journaling can work better than individual therapy, and better still, when combined with occasional individual sessions.

All groups and workshops support and encourage diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice for all, always!

To ensure we’re a good fit for the practice we’re about to embark on together, I like to start with a phone call. Please call me at (415) 488-5557. If I’m unable to pick up the phone, please leave a message and I will get back to you soon.

Creative Intuition Journaling Workshops

Creative groups are an opportunity to immerse in the imagination.

I approach group psychotherapy with a creative approach to immersion in the imagination. We come together in a safe space to explore new pathways into and through the deep psyche. The individuals in the group engage through mixed media visual journaling, sharing and discussing their images and reflecting on what arises. This becomes an integrative process in which the psyche leads the way to self-healing and individuation by expressing with image, texture, and color. Dreams are woven in, life events come into play, deep feelings appear on paper.

Art Journaling Workshops

Creative groups are a way to strengthen interpersonal relationships with others —and yourself.

Naturally, interpersonal relationships provide both complexities and increased support. Even conflicts can engender progress. Feelings of isolation, depression, or anxiety can be expressed safely, and significant change can occur. The potential one person feels interweaves with all the others in the room as group learning, a sense of acceptance, and transformative experience takes place. There are both personal and collective shifts. If you want to be connected with your wholeness so that it empowers you, THIS is the relationship you want to have with yourself! 

Which Workshop Are You Drawn To?

Please contact me if you have questions about which workshop is best for you. Workshops are open to all individuals and at all levels of artistic expression from having never picked up a paintbrush to seasoned artists.

I’ve put together a list of supplies you’ll need to for each of the workshops. Please click here to see the list of supplies and suggestions on where to purchase them online.


Soul Circles Group Workshop

Soul Circles offer you a safe space to explore new pathways to personal growth. Through playful encounters with images, texture, and color, an organic, integrative process emerges. This engagement combined with reflection and process conversation opens new vistas of possibility. The future is here! Come along with us as we zoom into your creative process. This platform beautifully supports the quality and depth of our ongoing offerings.


Dreamspace Group Workshop

This kind of group or workshop opens the way to exploration of nighttime dreams. In dreams, we have access to the unconscious mind and messages that don’t normally appear during waking hours. In a group setting, individuals can find a sense of acceptance and safety in exploring what arises from dream images into conscious thought.


For Clinicians Only

This 5-month group cycle is designed to help you build a fulfilling practice that is sustaining personally and professionally

Begins January 7, 2022

A Depth-Psychology Expressive-Arts

Process & Professional Development Group

  • Deeply engage in a creative process in a safe environment

  • Access your Creative Intelligence to enhance your work life

  • Hold client material with expanded openness, depth, and presence

  • Share the unique value of collective wisdom in creative community


Visual Journaling for Creative Growth Workshop

 A 4-Hour Creative Retreat

Creative engagement brings both men and women in contact with the deep feminine soul. Arts-based processes help engage the imagination to enhance intuition and to align yourself with instinctual knowing. In particular, mixed media journaling encompasses a wealth of inner experiences of color, form, texture, volume, feeling and cognition.  The whole person in engaged simultaneously, including both hemispheres of the brain. The psyche unfolds over days, months and even years. This can also come about through the voice, writing and authentic movement. And the work is available for both individuals and clinicians.


Chronicling The Final Interlude Workshop

An Online, Experiential Workshop

Limited to 8 People. No Experience Necessary. 

The end of life is a time to unmask the fear of death, to remove the emotions and attitudes that prevent us from living fully and being fully expressive. I have found that creative expression keeps generating life. This work is about exploring the mystery of life that we call “death.”

It Starts with a Phone Call

To ensure we’re a good fit for the practice we’re about to embark on together, I like to start with a phone call. If I’m unable to pick up the phone, please leave a message and I will get back to you soon.


(415) 488-5557

Do you have questions?  

“Do not compare, do not measure. No other way is like yours. All other ways deceive and tempt you. You must fulfill the way that is in you.”

—C.G. Jung