Mentoring and Coaching for Creative Change

Groups & Workshops

I approach group psychotherapy with a creative approach to immersion in the imagination. We come together in a safe space to explore new pathways into and through the deep psyche. The individuals in the group engage through mixed media visual journaling, sharing and discussing their images and reflecting on what arises. This becomes an integrative process in which the psyche leads the way to self-healing and individuation by expressing with image, texture, and color. Dreams are woven in, life events come into play, deep feelings appear on paper.

Naturally, interpersonal relationships provide both complexity and increased support. Even conflicts can engender progress. Feelings of isolation, depression, or anxiety can be expressed safely, and significant change can occur. The potential one person feels interweaves with all the others in the room as group learning, a sense of acceptance, and transformative experience takes place. There are both personal and collective shifts. 

In fact, at times, arts-process group therapy and visual journaling can work better than individual therapy, and better still, when combined with occasional individual sessions.  

Visual Journaling for Creative Growth

Creative engagement brings both men and women in contact with the deep feminine soul.


This kind of group or workshop opens the way to exploration of night time dreams.

Chronicling the Final Interlude

The end of life is a time to unmask the fear of death, to remove the emotions and attitudes that prevent us from living fully and being fully expressive.


Six-session arts-based process groups using mixed-media visual journaling.

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