Chronicling the Final Interlude

This work is about exploring the mystery of life that we call death.

The end of life is a time to unmask the fear of death

The Final Interlude explores the mystery of life that we call “death.” The end of life is a time to remove the emotions and attitudes that prevent us from living fully and being fully expressive. I have found that creative expression keeps generating life. 

What does it mean to be in the Final Interlude?

I ask myself that question, and I encourage you to do likewise in order to make sense of what is to come. For me, being in this time of life means that I have decided with conscious intention to get on with it, to see what’s next, to reckon with whatever comes from whatever I find.

final-interlude-unmasking fear of death

More life, as we prepare for death

As seen through my aging therapy dog, Bella Rosa, life beats on. She is a skeleton in a darkening fur coat, continuing to live the ways she can. She gets up, drags her little hiny around, until she can walk, and then she walks, and she has more energy.

This is what dreams and art and expressing ourselves in a group process can bring us. More life. If you listen, your inner world will tell you how to feel vibrant and good about your life and ultimate next life. When you listen to what still wants to express itself through you, the more likely you are to rest in peace.